Concert at Nvart Gulbenkian Hall

Sunday January 20th, concert at Nvart Gulbenkian hall 1:30 pm talented young girls and boys from Dabagian school in Armenia, who are in London for exchange programme, will perform pieces of ARMENIAN and international composers. Admission is free and donations are welcome!

1.Ashot Satyan “Humoresque”
Seda Ananyan and David Danielyan (piano)

2.Mashkovski “Spanish dance”
Shushanik Gortsunyan (flute)

3. H. Badalyan “Sareri Hovin Mernem”
Naneh Grigoryan (vocal)

4.A. Khachatryan “ Two funny aunties have argued “
David Danielyan (piano)

5. B.Kaempfert and A. Uvezyan “Strangers in the night”
Karén Nalbandyan ( vocal )

6. A. Dvorák “Melody”
Naneh Grigoryan ( cello )

7.S. Rachmaninoff “Prelude”
Shushanik Gortsunyan (piano)

8. Folk song “ Yes Veruh Yeghnik em”
Naneh Grigoryan (vocal)

9. A. Babajanyan “My yerevan”
Karén Nalbandyan (vocal)

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